How Often Should Sovent Cleaning Be Done?

A majority of multi-story buildings tend to benefit most from a Sovent system, a drainage cleaning system designed to improve plumbing system performance. It’s also highly efficient since drain, waste, and venting is done with a single stack. Bodhi Construction & Consulting Services offers the following recommendations for how often this type of cleaning should be done.

Before Issues Start to Develop

According to some estimates, a Sovent plumbing system starts to show signs of issues somewhere around the 8 to 12 year mark following installation. We recommend having cleanings done prior to this point. One option is to have cleanings done based on usage levels or the number of units that your building serves. This could mean annual cleanings, or more frequent ones if you have a more complex and extensive plumbing system that’s heavily used. The more units there are in your facility, the more frequent Sovent cleanings should be.

When You’re Seeing Signs of a Problem

Sovent cleaning should also be done any time when anyone in any of your units is reporting signs of a problem. Bubbling and gurgling sounds, for instance, can be caused by some type of restriction in the lines that have the system taking in air. During a cleaning, we check all portions of the system since issues in one area can affect the entire system.

Benefits of Regular Cleanings

During the cleaning process, aerator and deaerator sovent fittings and other components of the system are typically checked. What this does is it allows any other issues that might be discovered to be taken care of before serious problems develop. Regular cleanings also reduce unexpected build-ups and extend the system’s usable lifespan.

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